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Profile: Ashlee Rodriguez

Name: Ashlee Jazmine Rodriguez

Year: Sophmore

Major: Maketing with Digital Art Minor

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

West Coast or East Coast? West Coast

What was it like to partake in College Fashion Week? 

Being a part of College Fashion Week was incredible. With the opportunity to be a model, I got to experience everything that goes into a fashion show. Lots of hardwork, planning, and organizing goes into setting up the whole show. Including preparing the models, we were all on a time crunch. Models had to arrive at 12pm at the venue. Walk a couple blocks down to Drybar (hair salon) to meet our 1 o’clock hair appointment. We then came back to get our make up done, as well as go through our four outfit changes. Around 4pm, we started rehearsing on where to go and how fast we have to change into different outfits. Soon after, we took many single and group pictures. And by 6pm, guests were starting to come through the doors. Although there was a lot of things that go into preparing the models, as well as the fashion show itself, the actual show was a blast. When it was time to walk the runway, it was nerve-wrecking at first. But then the feeling of walking and posing became more enjoyable. The overall experience was truly a great one. 

Have you modeled before?

Kind of. I have modeled for Molloy’s fashion show. I had to change into three different outfits; Pajama wear, Career wear, and Formal wear. But other than that, I never really modeled professionally. 

Would you model again?

Honestly, I would love to! As long as I don’t have to wear 6-inch, killer heels, I would love to model again.

What is it like to be a Campus Correspondent?

Being a Campus Correspondent really puts a lot of my skills to the test. From my leadership skills to meeting management to my organization skills, I really have my change to apply my skills to lead this club. I really enjoy being a Campus Correspondent. I love collaborating with my members on not only article ideas, but ideas on how to expand our Her Campus Chapter. And although my Co-Campus Correspondent and I had a rocky start with our chapter, we both have high hopes that this chapter will blossom for more years to come. 

What are you most excited for with Her Campus Molloy this school year?

I am absolutely excited for club collaborations and team bonding socials! This semester my Co-Campus Correspondent and I would like to try new things, as well as starting new traditions in our Her Campus chapter. We would like to do event collaborations with other clubs as well as other Her Campus chapters. We also want to start team bonding socials, where the whole club goes on adventures and really get to know each other. This school year will be great! I can’t wait!

When and where does Her Campus Molloy meet?

Her Campus Molloy meets every Tuesday at 3:30pm. We meet in the conference room on the third floor of Public Square. 

Angela is a Media Communications major with a New Media minor at Molloy College. She is also a writer for Her Campus Molloy and photographer for Molloy Life Media. When she is not testing out her photography skills or writing an new piece, Angela can be found hanging out with her friends or watching Netflix. She is very excited to continue working with all her fellow Her Campus staff members through the next few years while finishing up her degree at Molloy College.
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