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Lorde & Lana’s New Singles

Within this past month two singers have dropped some highly anticipated singles (that are already doing extremely well). Fans of the respective singers are going insane, one of which I mentioned in a previous article, stating that certain artists’ needed to release new music immediately. At least one of my predictions have come true, and that is none other than Lana Del Rey!

It had been stated in early January that Lana Del Rey had registered a new song known as “Young & in Love.” On that same day Lana had released posters throughout LA of her next single, it was leaked the same day. At the time it was called “Young & in Love,” however, later in the day Lana released the single officially. In response to the leak, she states “All you need is Love,” renaming the song “Love.” The song is a bit different from her usual songs, changing not much in sound, but definitely chagning in theme. Lana stated that this album is going to focus more on her fans, epsecially during such hard times. “Love” seems to be aimed at her younger audience, reassuring them singing “Don’t worry baby.” The music video is quite the spectacle and was released the day after the single was dropped. The theme of a retrospective future is quite original and I personally adore it. The song itself debuted at #44 on the Hot 100 and #2 on Hot Rock Songs. There was another song leaked called “Best American Record” about a week after “Love” was released. It has not been officially released and while there is specualtion it is from her new album, it is unknown if it truly is or not. Lana herself has not said anything about it and has yet to drop another single. However, there was another musical artist that dropped a new single, Lorde! 

“Green Light” was released on March 2, 2017! Lorde herself revealed via Twitter the title of the next album to be Melodrama, which is expected to be released this summer. The music video for “Green Light” was released the same date and as of today it already has almost 15,000,000 views. The video feautures her dancing around some town in a pink dress. Like many of Lorde’s songs, it deals with the theme of coming of age. Although, many expect this album to focus a bit on her break up with her boyfriend. Either way, fans are going crazy because Lorde has not released an album since 2013. It has been long past due, however, it’s not like Lorde had not been doing projects before. She was featured on Disclosure’s album Caracal as well as The Hunger Games: Cathcing Fire Soundtrack. She was also dealt with the task of compiling music for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Soundtrack and was featured in three songs and provided backing vocals in many. Although the theme of her music seems to be the same, it appears she’s taken a change in direction musically. This song appears more upbeat and less melancholic compared to her other music.

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