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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Molloy chapter.



Two days ago Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed of her jewelry worth at least $9 million. It occured around midnight in Paris, France after she left a Fashion Week reception and dinner. Two men dressed as police officers broke into her room, tied up and gagged her, and stole very expensive jewelry from her. Thankfully her kids were not present during the time the events occured and Kim was “badly shaken but physically unharmed.” Some people have shown remorse for Kim and felt bad for the experience she was put through-



But other people have been VICTIMIZING Kim for being who she is! There are tweets from people saying “Kim K deserved to be shot.” There are several more unsympathetic tweets just like that, or even worse.

Personally I shocked and disgusted at this. Firstly, even though Kim Kardashian is not my favorite person on this planet, I do not think she has ever done anything particuarly unethical. She may not exactly earned her richness, but to me as long as she hasn’t used unethical means to get her money, it shouldn’t matter if she’s rich or not. Kim Kardashian is still a mother, a wife, and a daughter. Kanye West left mid-performance during an event in Queens because of what happened to her. I don’t care that she doesn’t “deserve” the money she has, no one deserves to be held at gunpoint. It’s ridiculous that some people are being completley unsympathetic- being held at gunpoint is not a fun experience. And although she can obviously handle the damages that were incurred, that doesn’t mean it was okay that she was robbed. Think about if your mom, sister, father, brother, friend, were robbed and held at gunpoint?! That’s terrible, I wouldn’t even wish that upon my worst enemies!

However, at least there are some decent human beings on this planet. While Kim has been getting a lot of hate she’s also been getting a lot of support! It’s good to know some people still have sympathy in their hearts, even though Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly the best person on this entire planet. I’m glad she’s safe and that she can handle the financial losses.

Travis is 19 in his fourth semester of college! He is considered a Junior at Molloy and majors in Accounting! When he discovered(?) Her Campus at his school he immediately joined and became a writer and the Instragram coordinator. Now he is proud to be a Campus Correspondent!