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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Molloy chapter.

Well it’s official and sad to admit, but summer is over. The halls of the dorms have come alive filled with old and new faces. The AR is packed and noisy from 10am to 6pm. And to the new dorming students: YES it is uncomfortable every time you walk into a busy AR in your pajamas. Finding a parking spot is once again a daily battle. And, in case you did NOT get the memo classes started last Wednesday.

Well I can undoubtedly say we are all still in “summer is not over” mode, aka denial. Girls are still dressing cute with their hair and makeup done, and guys are dressing to impress. Yet, as the fall chills set in and the general laziness of us 18 to 20 something years olds shows itself I’m sure we will start to see decreased makeup, sweatshirts, sweats, and uggs. Lucky for us we won’t see any of THAT for a couple of weeks. So as our new routines start to set in I’m sure you all have some questions – and I (generally) have answers. After this week we want your input, we want you guys, as students, to help guide this article series. We want to know what you think, because at the end of the day I sincerely doubt you want to read about what only interests me – though I do love to ramble so don’t tempt me.

Let’s discuss the AR, the gym, classes, or our impending doom of the semester. Because as the finality of this summer sets in and the warm weather drifts away, so floats in the tests and papers and projects.

Cierra is a fun loving, well traveled person, who wants to share her stories :P