In recent fashion news, A$AP Rocky did a collaboration with Guess to bring the 90s style into 2016. The collaboration was named "A$AP Rocky x GUESS Capsule Collection." The collection included iconic pieces from the 90s mixed with the famous dollar sign from the A$AP brand. It included shirts with the redesigned GUE$$ logo, as well as overalls, shorts, button downs and other articles of clothing. 

A$AP Rocky has always been known for being very influential in more than just music. His fashion style is one of the things that out him on the map as an influential rapper. From songs such as "Fashion Killa," we can see that his knowledge of fashion is vast. Rocky has always been known for being very interested in fashion and making it a part of his rapper image. Even in interviews he is constantly asked about his opinion on fashion trends and on what advice he gives to both men and women. 

Guess, on the other hand, is using this collaboration with A$AP Rocky to announce their new sub-label Guess Originals. Within this new sub-label, Guess will partner with many different creatives (artists, influential people, etc.) to bring back items from their 30 year archive and add a twist to it that will be inspired by the creative that they are collaborating with. This is a very intelligent decision by Guess due to the fact that we are in an era where vintage clothing is in style and is the trend of the moment. The 90s is the biggest decade from which people draw inspiration for outfits and other fashion decisions. This is also due to the fact that millenials remember the 90s and are at an age right now where they influence what's going on in art, music and lifestyle. Rocky was quoted as saying, "I think this is dope because hip-hop hasn't seen these colorways and patterns since the early 90s."

Right now fashion is at a point where streetwear and vintage clothing are the main styles. A$AP Rocky and Guess are simply making it easier to dress in those styles by bringing 90s clothing back into production. Over the next year we will see that more and more companies will start doing these "throwbacks" and will bring back some of their older designs. Right now, it's what the public wants and Guess is doing a great job of providing vintage clothing.