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The 5 Stages of Night Class

We've all been there at some point: a three-hour night class. When taking on such an academic feat, it can feel as though you are mourning a loss (maybe the loss of your social life or your precious sleep). Just like the five stages of grieving: there are five stages of night class.


1. Denial

"There's no way I can do this! There is no way."

"This isn't happening, right? Three hours in a tiny, crowded classroom?"

2. Anger

"Why do they have classes like this, anyway? This is ridiculous!"

"I am not spending three hours of my night in a basement classroom!"


3. Bargaining

"Please! I don't have to take this, do I? I'll do extra homework on weekends! I'll make you cookies! Please, just get me out of this situation. Please don't make me stay. Can we at least leave an hour early?"

4. Depression 

"This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me... I'm so not being dramatic. What could be worse?"

"What do you mean it's only been one hour so far? This class will never end."

5. Acceptance

"Okay... it's okay, I'm okay. I can do this!"

"There are just two more hours left... and then just a whole semester more- no big deal!"


Whether you're just starting night classes or you're reliving them through this blog, we encourage you to power through! Even though when friends ask you if you're okay your answer looks like this:


Toni Martini is an Elementary Education major in her senior year at Molloy College. She is the Co-Editor-in-Chief in her college's media organization and has a passion for writing. When she isn't running around to events with her camera, she can be found drinking copious cups of coffee with her friends and is always carrying a smile in her obnoxiously tiny purse. Toni is feverishly passionate about representing Molloy College with Her Campus and is overly excited every time her staff has a meeting.  Her goals are to bring happiness to others with her writing and eat chocolate on every continent. 
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