5 Amazon Tech Gifts Under $20

With Christmas coming up, we all have to start looking for gifts for loved ones, friends, the office secret Santa exchange, or for your roommate. Being in college, however, we can’t buy everyone a new Coach bag, so here are some gifts for $20 or less from amazon...in no particular order

1. Polanfo Gold Portable Charger - $15.99 - http://a.co/65sdOJl 

Everyone is on their phone 24/7 now. One minute you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed liking everything and the next minute you get the dreaded “low battery” alert and now you’re panicking to find an outlet. Well, this portable charger is perfect for the phone addict in your life. It provides 10,000 mAh of energy, you can charge your phone 3-4 times with that much energy. Not only that but it's very sleek, having a similar shape to an iPhone and comes in gold, which makes it very aesthetically pleasing. At on $15.99, this is a steal. 

2. Otterbox Commuter Case - $17.70 - http://a.co/9oZdAaL 

Otterbox has been a staple in the phone case industry for a while now, and we all know that iPhone break so easily. You can drop it 2 inches off the ground and the whole screen will shatter. Now, while this case might not protect the entire phone, it can keep it safe from the world ending screen shatter. Some of the colors are under $20 and some are not (I know I cheated a little) but you can still get one for under $20 and that’s what matters. They’re sleek and look really nice on your phone, so for the price tag, it's worth it. 

3. Raisetech Portable Speaker - $18.99 - http://a.co/hkUVBDk 

Music is important to all of us, and sometimes we’re hanging out with friends and everyone wants to listen. Maybe you’re in your room studying or just relaxing and wanna listen to your favorite Weeknd song. Our phones can only go so loud and wires are just annoying. That’s where this small Bluetooth speaker comes in handy. At $18.99 this is great. Of course, you’re not gonna get amazing Bose level sound quality, but for a someone that just wants to listen to music louder than their phone can go, this is worth it. Plus it has a very steep, simple, round design that’ll look good in any room. 

4. Sound Tone Overhead Headphones - $19.89 - http://a.co/3cOWUZE 

Headphones come and go if you aren’t dishing out the $150+ for some good Bose or Beats headphones, so why not get something that looks nice at a good price. The Sound Tone Overheads come in a very nice white and gold design and have a very well cushioned earpiece. They also have a microphone and can fold to save space in your bag. OR Symphonized NRG In-Ear Headphones - $19.99 - http://a.co/3ekgtkF

If overhead headphones are just too big, then these in-ear headphones are a great alternative. They have a very nice design with a wooden earbud, and white wire. They come with a microphone as well and a carrying pouch to keep them in. The audio jack is also angled in order to keep them from tearing whenever the wire gets bent.   

5. Daisen VR Headset Case - $12.99 - http://a.co/cS0DAY7 

VR is becoming a big thing in gaming and video, and this Daisen headset lets the user turn their phone into a VR headset by just sliding it in. It kinda resembles the google cardboard headset but it looks a lot nicer since it’s in a white leather-like material. It’s a very simple gift that can go a long way. You can do different virtual reality rides, games, or even watch 360 music videos. Definitely worth it at such a low price. Also, parents might love it since anything that has to do with technology can wow them!