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Imagine this, you are shopping with your mom, friends, sister, etc. and you stop at PINK to see what’s new. You notice a new line of wide banded yoga pants in various patterns, life is good. This is for my girls who, like myself, rocked the PINK yoga pants tucked into your UGG boots and felt like the definition of fashion in the 2010’s. No one was really doing any yoga, but we all had multiple pairs of the Victoria Secret PINK yoga pants. But now, it’s 2020 and yoga pants for fashion have been out of style for years now and pre teens and teengers are wearing mom jeans, leggings, and tennis skirts.

Recently, there’s been a “new” fashion trend making it’s way on all our For You Page’s on TikTok. As a 22 year old, I do find myself feeling older than the majority of TikTok users, so I know I’m not the only one shocked about this fashion trend that Gen Z has started. This trend first started when Emma Chamberlain, YouTuber and influencer, posted an Instagram of herself bringing back her old look of wearing the comfortable yoga pants that were the fashion trend of millennial’s teen years. Chamberlain is known as a fashion trend starter because many of the popular fashions such as tennis shirts and oversized sweatshirts have started with girls looking at her. Her interest in wanting to bring back this comfortable look and the picture she posted I believe was the beginning of this new trend. Gen Z Tiktokers have been posting that they have purchased “flared leggings” online, and when they put them on are exactly what are known as yoga pants. Since these videos of Gen Zer’s posting about their new flared leggings, many of the older generations on the app have gone to social media to complain and try to take back the term and educate the TikTokers that they are in fact buying yoga pants. But, clothing stores such as H&M, Aerie, and even athletic brands like Athletica and Fabletics are also promoting the yoga pant’s as flared leggings. Do you think this is the end of what Millennials call yoga pants? Do you agree or disagree with Millennials and think they should still be called yoga pants?


I'm currently a 4th year student pursuing a Mass Communication Bachelor's degree with minors in Marketing and Graphic Design at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I'm currently a part of MNSU, Mankato's PRSSA chapter along with Her Campus. I'm a new member of HC, but I really like the community aspect of the organization and the freedom to be who I am and express my interests to others. I love the social media content that HC posts along with reading all the wonderful articles! Many that I love reading because I can 100% relate to them! A few other interests of mine include coffee, shopping/fashion, art, yoga, baking, Netflix and hanging out with friends.