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What to Know Before Getting a Cat…or Two

Throughout my childhood, I grew up with cats at home. I have always been a cat person and I was excited to get my own one day. When the day came around, I was excited but nervous. I would be caring for these young kittens who would require a lot of attention and I wanted to make sure I would be giving them the best life possible. So, here are some tips for caring for your new cat(s).

  1. Be prepared before you bring them home: Buy all the essentials for your cats before you bring them home. Buy litter, food, toys and some cat furniture if you have the space for it. This will make things much easier when you bring your kitties home for the first time.
  2. Spend some quality time with them: The first couple of months of cat ownership are important for building a connection with your cats. With the option of online classes, you can spend some extra time at home with your cats and give them all the love.
  3. Take your cat to a veterinarian: Trips to the vet are expensive, but it’s better to get your cat vaccinated and fixed before it becomes an issue. If you are able to, sign up for a payment plan to pay off the expenses over time.

Hopefully, this gives you some insight before possibly getting a cat!

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