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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You and Your Significant Other

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.


Trying to choose what date to have on Valentine’s Day is not always the easiest. If you are anything like me, I am awful at deciding. Hopefully this list I have made will help eliminate the hard choices of what to do. Here are my top five choices for a perfect Valentine’s Day date night:

  1. A Homemade Dinner

Personally, this is one of my FAVORITES. Nothing beats a cozy night in cooking a yummy dinner with the one you love. Not only is it much cheaper than going out, but you get to spend quality time prepping and making your delicious dinner. And food always seems to be tastier when you are the one that made it. Homemade = always a win.

  1. Movie Date

This one is a little more cliché, but there are always  good love movies or romantic comedies that come out around Valentine’s Day each year. Even if going to the theater is not your thing, you can always stay in and put a movie on that way. You can snuggle on up, make some popcorn and you are set!


  1. Go for a Hike

This one may be a little bit harder if where you live is super cold or snowy or you cannot make it out during the day when it is sunny, but this is always one of my favorites, too. There isn’t much more I love than getting to spend some time out in nature with the one I love and forget about homework or anything else for a bit. Definitely recommend this one!

  1. Go Bowling

If you are anything like me, I am a competitor so this one is always fun. Bowling is so easy-going and relaxed. Plus, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition with you and your boo?

  1. Don’t forget the dessert!

Whether it be going to your favorite ice cream shop or making a homemade chocolatey dessert, this is a must. This is a day about chocolates and everything yummy! You cannot forget that goodness.


Hopefully these top five of my ideal Valentine’s Day date ideas help you and your boo or you and your best friend decide what to do on the day that is all about love and chocolate! Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!!

Kalli Steinberg

Minnesota '20

I am currently a senior at Minnesota State University - Mankato studying Business Marketing. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, being outside, running, working out and shopping.