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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

Some people are best friends with their parents and know everything about them. I can very well say that about my mom. I have asked her plenty of questions about how she was raised and the major events in her life. I didn’t know as much about my dad’s life, I have always heard him talking about the things he has done in his life including Skiing, being in the Army and marrying my mom, but I have never actually known when he has done any of this. If you are curious about your parents’ lives, all you have to do is ask!

Here is what I learned about my dad:

1960 – Born with twin brother in NE

  • Sports as a child – baseball, track, football, baseball, golf (age 10)
  • Pets as a child – dog
  • Pheasant hunting with family

1980 – Graduated High school

  • Sports in high school – football, baseball, diving
  • 2 serious girlfriends in high school
  • Jobs include Pizza place, painting companies, washing semi-trucks, night custodian, putting light in light posts.

1981 – Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training in the Army

  • 18 years

1982 – Officer school at Fort McAllen in Alabama

1985 – Graduated College

  • Nebraska, 2 years as a criminal justice major, lived at home
  • South Dakota, 3 years as a physical education major and an English and biology minor
  • Played Football all throughout college
  • Joined ROTC at age 20
  • Several girlfriends in college 1976-1986 Skiing in CO
  • College house in SD with friends, (Kelly(Twin), Jeff and my two godfathers Kelly A & Mark)

1889 – In January started dating Amy (my mom)

1990 – Married Amy & moved to MN

  • Started painting career with my grandfather
  • Golf began to be a huge part of life

1994 – Had first child, Kody (at age 34)

1996 – Moved in our family house

  • Had second child Samantha (at age 36) the day they moved into the new home
  • Made friends with all neighbors
  • Painted with 2 different companies

2008 – Crushed Heal and had 12 screws placed

Current (2010’s)

  • Raised two children with Amy
  • Has his own painting company
  • Season ticket holder front row Minnesota Vikings
  • Enjoys playing golf, bowling, and bingo

I had a blast finding out about my dad and all that he did in his life. It’s important to know where you come from and who exactly you were raised by, no matter if it’s a parent, grandparent, or guardian. Whoever it is, take some time to get to know them.

Sammy is what you would call a Student Solider. She is in the Army and also a Senior at MNSU. Her major is Mass Media and her minor is Communication Studies. She is from Cottage Grove, MN and enjoys her weekends in the cities. She enjoys being the Her Campus MNSU Chapters Campus Correspondent and also Young Life. She wishes that fall season was year round, but living in Minnesota she will have deal with all the seasons it brings.