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Finals is something that none of us look forward to, but the good thing about them is that it means the semester is finally over. It does not help that most likely every class you are taking has a final to go with it. But how do you deal with all that studying and stress that comes along with it? No worries, there are many ways to get you out of our final blues and take a break. You do not want to overload yourself because that will just make you overwhelmed. 


Studying is important but taking care of yourself during this time is just as important. Make sure you are taking the time to make yourself happy. Go out with your friends to a movie or have a movie night at someone’s house. Have a spa night with the girls and just relax get some facemasks and paint your nails. Or if being by yourself helps you distress turn on your favorite movie and order in your favorite food. Anything that gets you away from studying for a little bit will help. It will allow you to focus more and feel better about the finals you are about to take.


    Study hard but also have fun. No need to be staring at your book from morning to night. Make sure you are eating well, sleeping well and taking care of you. You got this. Just keep pushing forward.

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