Survival of the Fittest: Fall 2015 Survival Kit

It is with great appreciation that we receive our Survival Kit, allowing us to create incentives for not only the members of our chapter, but members of our campus community to engage with us as well. Her Campus and their amazing sponsors want no collegiette left behind this semester, and they made sure of that goal with this outstanding Survival Kit that showed up on our doorstep one warm September day!

A special thanks to:

Her Campus – well, I mean, duh!

A collegiette’s dorm is not complete without this snazzy pennant! We also had the opportunity to decorate our Homecoming Parade float with them!


“Oh my gawwwd, I love Chipotle. Chipotle’s muh life.” We feel you little guy, it’s our chapter’s favorite place to eat as well. Sad for us though, we don’t have any of our BOGO’s left from our Survival Kit because they were such a hot commodity at the Homecoming Parade! It was great to see how excited everyone who received one was.

NYC New York Color

So, free make up is a real thing? Yes, but only if you happen to be a lucky receiver of this giveaway from NYC New York Color’s Survival Kit essential, assuring any collegiette who receives this sexy eye shadow will be the head-turner at the party this Saturday.


Breaking News: you don’t actually have to go to the beach to get beach curls! Crazy, right? Be on the lookout for HC MNSU within the next couple of weeks, as we will be tabling and sending a few lucky ladies home with dreamy beach curls!

MZ Wallace

This totally adorable purple tote is the perfect way to show up to class in style. Perfect for any occasion, what are you waiting for? Order one now!

Martha Stewart Crafts

Sorry fans and followers, but these sparkles are being used at our chapter’s very own BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) party as our Halloween celebration. We need all of the glamour and swag we can get to decorate the most-stylish pumpkins on campus.

5-Hour Energy

Our peers will LOVE us when we are walking around campus during finals week, helping them stay awake with free bottle of 5-Hour Energy! Oh, and not-to-mention their awesome headphones to block out all of the side chatter and get an A on the chemistry exam you are stressing over. 


College kids get sick a lot. We are around each other 24/7. Thank you for helping us feel better!

With all of the love and support from Her Campus’ partners, it allows us to have a successful chapter. We would like to thank each of them for their unconditional support and allowing women empowerment to grow at MNSU! HCXO, the Mankato Chapter!