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1.     Exercise

Use this time to better yourself instead of bringing yourself down. Realize that even though you are not on a trip with your friends, you can still enjoy Spring Break at home. Hit the gym every day, and make yourself feel good.


2.     Relax

The worries of school are off your shoulders for an entire week. TAKE THAT ADVANTAGE. Spend more time on yourself and rest. Take a yoga class, or go for a walk with family or friends. Maybe your relaxing time involves catching up on the sleep you’ve missed because of school. Whatever it is, do it and enjoy it.


3.     Find a Good Book

Reading can be very relaxing for many people. Try finding a book that makes you happy and keeps your interest. Diving into a good book is very rewarding and I recommend that everyone tries it every once in a while.



4.     Family and Friends

Not every one of your friends will travel for spring break. Find time for those people you don’t get to see very often. Expand on those friendships and see what happens. Spend more time with family, rather than sitting at home by yourself.


5.     Find Yourself

I believe the best time to discover who you truly are is when you are by yourself. No one can make that discovery for you, so you have to dig deep. Even though it’s not easy, finding yourself makes for a richer future.


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