Someone Who Has Never Been the Girl’s Girl

I have never been the girl’s girl. When I was in elementary school, I had a large group of friends that I hung out with, consisting mostly of boys but also a couple girls, and one of my best friends was a boy. I was kind of a tomboy when I was younger which is why I connected more with boys and they realized that I was into the same things they were, so we all got along well. Going into middle school that friend group had dispersed, and my best guy friend moved away. I ended up being a part of a friend group that consisted of only girls and it was great. We were all really close and got along great. I think that’s because middle school is a weird time where no one really knows what they are into yet. Most of us were more along the lines of tomboys but we had a couple girly-girls and it ended up working well for the whole four years of middle school.

When we got into high school, we all joined different cliques which is expected. I took it harder than people probably realized because I was happy to have girl friends who loved sleepovers and pigging out on Oreos and popcorn while watching movies. My circle decreased in size severely in high school. I was still friends with some of the girls from middle school, but we never hung out like we had. I didn’t talk to any of the guys from elementary school, they all grew up and moved on. My freshman and sophomore year consisted of me hanging out with my sister and her friends most of the time, but also rekindled friendships with girls from elementary school and a new friendship with a girl who transferred to our high school after attending the Lutheran school in town.

During the summers I primarily hung out with boys from another school, my sister had been dating one of them and they had a large friend group. A group filled with a bunch of crazy boys who loved to party and do stupid shit but were also extremely smart and kind. I had my small circle at school with a few girl friends and outside of school I had the “bro’s” as they call themselves. Being in college now my best friends are my roommates who are girls, but besides them I have a very hard time relating to girls my age. There is a huge difference in priorities amongst the female college-aged population. I still get along much better with guys, but it is hard to find male friends in college, especially after transferring schools and not living in a dorm. I have always enjoyed being friends with guys, they really are less drama and are always down to just chill, but I do struggle with the inability to befriend girls, thanks primarily to my disinterest in common topics and my awkwardness. But I wholeheartedly appreciate the friendships I do have and try not to dwell on past failed relationships. There are people I have been friends with since elementary school that I am still on contact with and I know there will be many great people to come in my future, so for now I’m just enjoying the ride.