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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

In my previous article Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, I wrote briefly on the ‘Rise of the Resistance’. A new ride at Disneyworld and Disneyland, now Star Wars and Disney are my two favorite things. Now ‘Rise of the Resistance’ opened December 5th, 2019, and has been a HUGE hit among Star Wars fans. It’s roughly a 30-minute experience, it’s super interactive and Immersive! Now in this article, I won’t go too much into detail about what happens on the ride for those who want to be surprised. Now to be able to experience the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ you have to be 40 inches (102cm or taller) to be allowed onto the ride for safety reasons. The ride is different styles, it is mostly a dark ride but there is some walking that you will have to do. But for the most part, you’ll be sitting down to enjoy the ride.


Now to be able to ride the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ you have to get a boarding pass. Yes a boarding pass, for this ride there is no line to stand in and no Fastpasses. It’s one of the most difficult rides to get onto right now because of this. To be able to ride it most people are up at the parks by 6:30 am before the park opens. One special thing about having to use a boarding pass is that there is no set return time, it all depends on just how fast people get through the line and if nothing happens to the ride to break it down. Because of this, it will then give you a notification through an app and once you get that notification you then have two hours to return and get on the ride. The virtual queue is the sole system of how this all functions, via the My Disney Experience App which now has the queue opens at 7 am when the park officially opens. Even so, the recommended time for arriving is still between 6:30 am and 7 am. 


Because the ride is so popular with fans of all ages and people who just want to check out the line, Boarding passes are normally gone within the first 2 hours. This goes for the backup boarding passes as well, which are more for bigger parties that want to ride it. Due to its popularity, they do only allow you to ride it once per day, So once you ride the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ if you want to ride it again you’ll have to come back another day. 


Being that the ride is a 30-minute experience they do have a storyline that allows you to experience Star Wars as if you were inside the movies. The resistance calls for you for a mission, but to get started you must find the base hidden in the forest outside black spire outpost. While trying to get to where you need to go, you then get captured by the First order and have to find a way to escape. When searching up information on this ride, I saw a lot of questions about the ride and how ‘Intense’ it is. The ‘Rise of the Resistance’ It’s thrilling or intense, it does have a few drops but only one ‘big’ one towards the end. But if you have ridden the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ you should be able to handle the drop as it is similar to that. Being that the ride is so new and will have multiple updates throughout the years I can’t wait to see the updates Disney has for the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ and Galaxy’s Edge as a whole.

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I am senior at MNSU and am studying to get a degree in Marketing with a minor in Mass Media. I love cooking, being around friends and family, going on little adventures, and just having fun.