Pub 500: Mankato's First Safe Bar

Pub 500 is located in the heart of City Center Mankato's Entertainment District and is the perfect spot to gather with loved ones, grab a bite and order a drink. They have a wide selection of beer and drinks, appetizers, sandwiches and entrees so that there is something on the menu for everyone! On top of being a well-known establishment in the community, Pub 500 is also Safe Bar certified. They are the first Mankato bar to be certified by the Safe Bar Initiative and have been for a year! The Safe Bar Initiative is a prevention effort to help reduce sexual harassment/violence in local bars by training the staff at establishments in bystander intervention. As if the homemade potato chips and entertaining events weren't enough to draw you in; there's nothing better than knowing that there is a safe place to drink where the staff is genuinely concerned with your well-being, not just your bar tab.