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A lot of people have misconceptions about the Dollar Tree, but lately I have been realizing how amazing it actually is. They have more than you could think of and are starting to get more name brands in as well. Everything’s a dollar and that just makes it even better. Here are a few things you are able to get that are just as great of quality if you bought them a bigger named brand store.

Seasonal decor is something I always get from here. Most of the stuff you can use over and over again and the quality is actually very high. One thing I am always finding myself needing is batteries, but they are so expensive. The dollar tree you can get them in 10 packs and they work just as well.




Here are ten things I came up with that you should always buy from the Dollar Tree:

  1. Party supplies

  2. Notebooks

  3. Greeting cards

  4. Storage containers

  5. Vases/flower decor

  6. Dishware

  7. Picture frames

  8. Wash clothes/dish towels

  9. Kitchen utensils

  10. Food containers

Now, these are just a handful of the things they have that will help you save some money. Go to a Dollar Tree and check out the great deals yourself, you will not be disappointed.

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