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Period Symptoms That People Don’t Talk About

For those of us who have periods, they tend to suck. It’s an extra piece to the puzzle that seems to complicate things. Make sure you bring the proper products when you are going to school or work. Have cramps that make you want to curl up in bed all day. Dealing with mood swings and not feeling like yourself. And the weird cravings that hit you out of nowhere. But there are some symptoms that people with periods deal with that aren’t as well known. It’s time we talk about them so we all can feel better knowing that we are not alone. 

Personally, my biggest symptom that isn’t commonly talked about is headaches. I always get them at the beginning of my cycle as my hormones are out of whack. But this is actually something that is super common. Another trait that goes along with headaches is dizziness. Again the imbalance of hormones can affect all aspects of your body. 

Another annoying feature of having a uterus that bleeds, irregular temperature. I feel like I have a fever when my cycle starts. Leading up the week, I am either sweating my butt off or am shivering to death. It doesn’t matter where I am, I feel uncomfortable at any temperature. 

Next on the list, swollen lymph nodes. Thanks to our wonderful hormones it can cause inflammation in the weirdest place. If you ever have pain in your armpits, or in other places where lymph nodes are known to be around your period that’s probably why! 

With this article, I’ve realized that hormones really are the culprit for all things that suck in my life. But if you have any of these symptoms you aren’t alone. Always talk to your doctor about any symptoms that are impacting your quality of life or are concerns to you. If you can think of any other weird period symptoms send them in on our Instagram direct messages so we can spread the word.

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