To My Mom



Thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to become the person I am today. Without the constant support and love, I probably wouldn’t be who I am.

Thank you for always believing in me. Whether it was supporting my future or my love for dance, you always knew that I could do it.

Thank you for always teaching me to go after what I wanted and that I could do anything I dreamed. I am forever blessed to have one of the best support systems behind me.

Thank you for teaching me that life may not always go my way and the worst thing that someone can say is “no.”

Thank you for letting me try new things and coming to you if I ended up not liking it. Whether it be me trying (and failing, might I add) to play the flute in 6th grade or voice lessons high school, I always had the chance to try new things.

Thank you for understanding that yes, siblings do fight. Though you didn’t grow up with siblings, and sometimes shake your head when we fight, thanks for letting us battle it out and being there to pick up the pieces when we need it.

Thank you for teaching me that boys are like shoes, and sometimes you have to have a different one for every occasion. Sometimes they might not be the right fit, but one day I’ll find one that fits just right.

Thank you for the dog updates. Two months without being with your dog can really be upsetting, but with the occasional photos, I somehow make it through.

Thank you for the late-night talks, the hour-long phone calls, and texting just to check in. It gives me that little break I need and reminds me that you’re always just a text away.

Thank you for singing along with me in the car. Sometimes all you need is a sing-along in the car to Adele to get you through. I’m also forever grateful for all the music you introduced to us as kids.

Thank you for pushing us to do well academically. You taught us the importance of doing well and graduating.

Thank you for everything. You instilled some of the greatest values in me and taught me some of the greatest lessons I ever learned.

Thank you for being the best mom ever.

Love you forever and always,