Must Dos for Your Fall Bucket List

Fall is my favorite season which means there are plenty of things to partake in. Considering, I decided to put together a list of must-do’s this fall.


Visit an apple orchard

This is one of my favorite must-dos because apple orchards have a lot to offer. I’m a big fan of apple cinnamon doughnuts which are only around in the fall. This is the perfect time to stop and pick up a box! Apple orchards also have pies, jam, candy and, of course, apples! Some even have petting zoos and a gift shop with home decor. Find a local apple orchard and make an afternoon of it!


Fall photo shoot

For those of us that love taking pictures, whether it’s of other people, dogs or even ourselves, fall is the perfect time to do that. The leaves are changing colors which makes for the perfect backdrop. It also adds more color to fall sunsets! The best part of a fall photo shoot is the outfit you get to wear. You can be so comfortable in a sweater and leggings while looking amazing as ever!


Pumpkin picking

The ultimate fruit to have on display for the fall season is a pumpkin. The orange color matches the leaves and represents Halloween as well. Pumpkins are also fun to pick out! Look for the perfect size and shape that you want. If you want to have a creative display, you can also carve your pumpkin and impress your guests with a scary or silly looking pumpkin. Either way, it’s a win.

Enjoy Hot Cocoa or Hot Coffee

Nothing gets better than a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee. This is best time to have a warm drink and both are perfect for the change of chilly weather. Once you have found a warm drink, grab a blanket and cuddle up to your favorite movie or book. If you have the chance to find a good view, cuddle up to your blanket outside and take in the wonderful fall air.


The three month season comes once a year and this bucket list will help me take full advantage of it before it’s gone. Make your bucket list before it’s too late!