Minnesota Gets Hit with the Polar Vortex

This past week starting January 28th the upper midwest, especially Minnesota, was hit with the Polar Vortex. With a low of -60 degree windshields and at some points colder than it was in Antarctica. It was even cold enough to be able to throw a pan of hot water in the air and right away it would freeze. Frostbite was able to start within five minutes of being outside with exposed skin. Needless to say you did not want to be outside if you did not have to.


Most public schools, colleges and universities were closed from Monday, January 28th up until the 31st. Although it was great for those who attended the closed schools, it left a strain on families trying to find someone to watch their kids while they still had to go into work. Many businesses either did not open or they closed early on those days. Roads were not something you wanted to be on during this time. Many were either covered in snow orice, even the visibility was not good. Cars would not start due to the cold, and multiple accidents occurred because of the icy roads.

Sadly, the polar vortex took at least 21 lives in the upper midwest. Many of them had to do with the extreme cold weather and being outside too long. These were days you only went outside if you needed to. It will be something that we will remember and say we were a part of.