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Megan Charles / Her Campus Media

Meet the Members of Her Campus MNSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

Kitara Krueger 

  • 20 years old 

  • Mass media major 

  • Business marketing minor

  • Plans to use her degree to be in public relations at a corporate company

  • Loves to make Youtube videos for her channel- Kitara Kitty, loves to play with makeup, go to the gym, research witchy things (crystals, moon cycles, astrology, and tarot cards), play animal crossings, and write articles for Her Campus.  

  • Fun Fact: Obsessed with Starbucks and collects their venti to-go cups and just reached 10 cups. 

  • Co-president for Her Campus MNSU



Grace Mullenbach 

  • 23 years old

  • Social work major 

  • Plans to work in a clinical mental health setting. 

  • Loves to hang out with friends, arts and crafts, write, listen to music, and hang out with her dog. Fun fact: She is a twin. 

  • Writer for Her Campus MNSU



Maddy Loch

  • 21 years old

  • Communication Studies major 

  • Studio art & gender and women’s studies minor 

  • Plans to move to Portland, Oregon or Seattle after college and work in HR while continuing to do freelance photography work. 

  • Loves both digital and film photography, reading (feminist manifestos are her current favorite), taking care of her plants, and picnics. 

  • Fun Fact: Loves learning about the metaphysical properties behind crystals and herbs. 

  • Associate editor for Her Campus MNSU



Grace Bromann 

  • 19 years old

  • Biology cytotechnology major 

  • Plans to do a yearlong internship, then a bachelors of science, and get a masters to become a cytotechnologist

  • Loves to go thrifting, sightseeing, reading, listening to music, and journaling. 

  • Fun fact: Has a twin brother going to Mankato for the same major.

  • Community coordinator/advisor for Her Campus MNSU 



Alyssa Parson 

  • 20 years old 

  • Communication studies major 

  • Graphic design & marketing minor 

  • Plans to move to a bigger city environment, townhouse or apartment. Also, plans to possibly open a small business. Also, she plans to start a horse & get into horseback riding regulargy. 

  • Loves to find new hobbies and develop new skills, investing her time into her dog, take long walks, and resume building.

  • Fun fact: Is in a sorority and holds a position on the PHC exec. board

  • Writer for Her Campus MNSU 



Lara Peterson

  • 20 years old 

  • Public relations major

  • Loves photography, art, and hammocking

  • Fun fact: Loves Dr. Pepper 

  • Social media exec. Helps run the social media platforms and promote the mission of Her Campus MNSU through posts, graphics, and networking


Shannon Pike 

  • 21 years old 

  • Communication science & disorders major

  • Plans to go to graduate school and get a master’s degree in speech language pathology

  • Loves to hang out with family & friends and go for bike rides

  • Fun fact: Has 9 siblings

  • Part of the social media team



Abby Muller

  • Business management major 

  • Entrepreneurship minor

  • Plans to graduate, then travel, then eventually get personal training certification and get a job she enjoys. 

  • Part of the Social media & marketing team


Hailey Sager

  • 22 years old

  • Mass media major

  • Plans to works in the field of public relations or social media

  • She loves to go to coffee shops, hang out with friends, draw, do yoga, go to concerts, and online shopping. 

  • Fun fact: favorite food is sushi

  • Member of the social media team member & writer



Paige Brademeyer 

  • 20 years old 

  • Business management major

  • Plans to travel 

  • Loves to thrift

  • Fun fact: likes pickles

  • Director of marketing for Her Campus MNSU



Kassidy Steinbach

  • 20 years old

  • Family consumer science education major

  • Plans to graduate in May with a teaching degree in family consumer science and plans to find a job in Northern MN where she grew up

  • Fun fact: Has 3 younger sisters

  • Her Campus MNSU writer


Annie Grund

  • 19 years old 

  • Psychology major 

  • Health Sciences minor

  • Plan to graduate a year early and go to grad school 

  • Loves to spend time with family & friends and go outdoors

  • Fun fact: Named after Annie’s song by John Denver

  • Social media & marketing team member at Her Campus MNSU



Maddie McCauley

  • 21 years old 

  • Communication sciences & disorders major

  • Plans to go graduate school in Mankato 

  • Loves to read, go thrifting, play volleyball, organize, and spend time with family & friends, 

  • Fun fact: She is a learning community coordinator on campus. 

  • Just a writer for Her Campus MNSU



Crystal Morton

  • 21 years old 

  • Social work major 

  • Plans to travel and get master’s degree in social work

  • Loves to spend with friends and bake

  • Fun fact: Favorite band is Motley Crue 

  • Social media team member and writer for Her Campus MNSU



Patricia Marin also goes by P 

  • 23 years old

  • Communication sciences & disorders major 

  • Child development & family studies minor 

  • Future plans are to graduate this semester and after that she wants to take a semester to travel then she wants to go to graduate school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Loves to rollerblade, watch Netflix/Youtube and hang out with friends

  • Fun fact: She has been to 3 different countries and is bilingual. 

  • Secretary of Her Campus MNSU 


Priscilla Pomeroy

  • 25 years old 

  • Alcohol and Drug Studies major 

  • Corrections minor

  • Plans to do an internship in the fall somewhere, then get a job, and then go back to get her master’s degree in mental health counseling

  • Loves to watch tv shows & movies, listen to music, journal, watch NASCAR & football, and call her grandparents everyday

  • Fun fact: Has an emotional support animal named Wally. He is two years old.

  • Writer for Her Campus MNSU



Molly Gruszynski

  • 21 years old 

  • Anthropology major 

  • Ethics & Humanities minor 

  • Plans to study abroad in Scotland in the Fall of 2021, research abroad after graduation, and then see what happens from there. 

  • Loves reading books ( Jane Eyre, The Unswept Room, Harry Potter, Shadow and Bone, and the Hush Hush) and playing with/ spending time with her Golden Retreiver, Elijah, and her cat, Paris Kisses).

  • Fun Fact: She is an Aquarius and she just turned 21.

  • Senior Editor and writer for Her Campus MNSU



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Hi. My name is Priscilla Ann Pomeroy. I'm a senior here at MNSU and I'm 25 years old. I also have an ESA who is a cat named Wally. I few of the things I enjoy are Marvel, cats, NASCAR, journaling, Christmas, Disney, Star Wars, football, music, board games, game shows, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh, pop culture, Hot Topic, Funko Pops, Blue October, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, Wonder Women, Baby Yoda or the Child, Lane Bryant, The Little Mermaid, Moana, Cars, Pixar, Amazon, Chase Elliott (NASCAR), musicals, The Lion King, singing, and writing.