The Magic Within Disney

Disney has been a prominent part of my life, from movies to the attractions, the magical world has surrounded me. Going into this article, it was clear what it had to be. Not many people truly know the history behind the Disney legacy, even about Walt Disney. During my scavenges, I ran into a video online about Magic Kingdom, and how this year it became 48 years old. Finding facts like this intrigued me, so I began to dig for more. Through them, I learned facts about Walt Disney and his parks! After the success of Disneyland, he desired for another park. Clearly, he loved the work he was capable of imagining, and the world did too. His dreams of a second Disney themed park came into fruition when he came up with the Magic Kingdom, which he renamed in to Walt Disney World. It truly has become a realm of its own in time.


Unfortunately, Walt Disney's passing came before it was complete. In 1968, he died from lung cancer, bringing sorrow around the world. Yet it bounced back when the time came on October 1st, 1971, where Magic Kingdom opened with 23 attractions. With the success of his second park now, more began to appear. Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom followed. We all understand how the Disney brand has increased since then, from two water parks, 27 themed resorts, several golf courses, camping resorts, and even an outdoor mall known as Disney Springs. Disney has even spread to parts of the world that many people haven't visited. Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and even Disneyland Paris sprouted from the ground and became well-known parks to this day.


Walt Disney World has become somewhat of an obsession to me ever since I first witnessed the magic. I always wondered how the characters got around. Turns out, Walt Disney made plans for tunnels under the park to allow the mascots to get around the park easily. It turns out that Walt Disney World is actually on the second floor. At an elevation of 108 ft tall, it's amazing that it has only been closed a few times due to hurricanes. Even with the information, you can find, Disney World definitely has more to find. I encourage you to find more information about it for your own, as it grows every year and new things are found all the time!