Just Say ‘Yes’ for One Day; Your Life May Change

Have you ever spent one full day just saying yes to everything? What about a week? Now, imagine a life full of just saying ‘yes’.

One group on YouTube is taking the idea of saying yes to everything and multiplying it by 100.

As their name says, they take the Yes Theory to the next level. In 2015, these four strangers met and all sought the same things, face their biggest fears and seek discomfort. They began to upload these moments to YouTube.

Over the past three years, they have done videos ranging from sleeping in a bathroom for 24 hours to asking strangers to skydive with them on the spot. Most recently, they set out to challenge Will Smith to heli-bungee. To them, this was their biggest challenge yet.



Seven months ago, the first video was posted challenging Will Smith. One month later, Will responded and accepted the dare. From that point on, Yes Theory was set on their biggest ‘yes’ yet.

On September 25th, 2018, the plan was set. Now, I won’t spoil the whole thing but watch it here to find out exactly how that day went down.

Yes Theory’s second motto has always been “Seek Discomfort”. Step out of the comfort zone, and once you do, you’ll realize just how crazy the world around you is. Sometimes, it's these moments of discomfort that bring you to find out just who you really are.

So I challenge you, here and now. Spend one day just saying “yes”, find that discomfort, but then realize just how you’ll change yourself. Go on that date, book those plane tickets. All you have to do, is just say yes.


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And just remember to say yes.