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Becoming an aunt at 22 was not something I had expected but I am so grateful it happened. It is a feeling that is hard to explain unless you have gone through it too. It is someone else in the world you are able to give all your love and hope nothing but the best for them. You do not just want to be any aunt you want to be the cool aunt. The one they come to when mom and dad tell them know and they know you will tell them yes. You basically get to be a kid again, making crafts, playing at the playground and playing house.




Some may say it is like having you own kid without having all the added responsibilities. Which is true you can spend the whole day with them then went it comes to night time its mom and dads turn. You feel so special when you have that new title of “auntie”. You can brag about how cute they are and how smart they are and you never get tired of talking about them. Then there’s the endless amounts of snuggles, cuddles and kisses that make your heart all warm and fuzzy.

I have only been and aunt to my nephew for around a month now but every moment has been great. When I am away at college and get pictures of him it makes me want to come home right then and there to be with him. When I am home I take every chance I can to be with him and love him with all my heart. Becoming an aunt is great and it is something I will cherish forever.


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