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Josh Auble ’17 and Larissa Swanson ’17

Meet these love birds, Josh Auble and Larissa Swanson!


       LS: leisure planning and management

       JA: business management


       LS: 2017

       JA: 2017


       LS: Aberdeen, South Dakota

       JA: Hartford, South Dakota


HC: How long have you two been dating?

JA and LS: “7 and a half months.”

HC: What was your first date?

JA: “We went and saw Dumb and Dumber because she loves movies, and she bought the tickets in advance. She didnt let me have my pride.”

HC: What was one of the best dates you two have been on?

LS: “Whenever we go on the lake. Its not really a date, but its something we both enjoy doing together.”

HC: How did you two meet?

LS: “I was wall twerking at a party, and he fell in love.”

HC: Tell me one fun fact about each other:

LS: “Josh only has one real front tooth!”

JA: “She snores.”

HC: Why did you choose to attend MNSU?

LS: “Not many people from my hometown go here and I wanted to meet new people!”

JA: “Same pretty much – I wanted to get away, but not be too far away from home. They also have a good business program.”

HC: What different organizations are you involved with on campus?

LS: “Treasurer of the club gymnastics team, rec club, intramural softball and soccer.”

JA: “Intramural football and soccer”

HC: Who is your ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’?

LS: “Nikyee Heaton”

JA: “Jessica Alba”

HC: Who is your ‘Man Candy Monday’?

LS: “Dave Franco.”

JA: “Will Farrell.”

HC: What are your nicknames for eachother?

LS: “I call him Shua.. as in Joshua.”

JA: “I only call her Larissa.”

HC: Whats on the top of your bucket list?

LS: “Visit the Eiffel Tower.”  (*hint hint* Josh)

JA: “Skydiving.”

HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

LS: “In a big city, planning events for a college.”

JA: “With the woman of my dreams, on an island of our own, building shelters for underprivilage children.”

I am a senior at Minnesota State University, studying marketing! When I'm not busy helping the Her Campus Marketing team, you can find me participating on the club gymnastics team, at Delta Sigma Pi events, at marketing club, or working!
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