Inspiration to your 20s


How about a little inspiration for your day today! You are probably sitting in class, at a coffee shop or scrolling through your phone, bored and wondering what to do next. Well,  if you are reading this, the beginning of your 20s are referred to as your selfish years. Why? We are still young; it’s the era where we immerse ourselves. Be selfish with your time, travel the world, explore, spend money you don’t have, bein reality we only live this life once.

These are the years where you are looking forward to graduating college with the degree you have been working your butt off for. You are starting a new journey in life with your big girl job/career. Take advantage of those moments where you have time to travel with your best friends to go see the world, go to concerts, get out of your comfort zone and meet as many people as you can. Your 20s are the time to do all of these things. One, it’s cheaper, two, you have fewer responsibilities and three, you’re not quite settled down yet.

There are so many opportunities out in the world as you are 20 and starting to mature, so take a deep breath and live up a life that you will never take for granted.