A glimpse into an Extrovert's life during a Global Pandemic, written by an extrovert.

It all started with quarantine and social distancing then to lockdown and layoffs, and now extension after extension, when will it end? Is the question that floats around every extrovert’s head. We haven't been able to leave the place, we are always finding ways to escape. 


    Our friends, who are practically our family, stay scattered and apart. Virtually is now the only way to see, connect, and laugh with our closest friends. We never thought this would happen, nor planned accordingly, but neither did the rest of the world. So we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves for feeling off balanced, out of place, and uncomfortable. We are going all sorts of crazy, feeling trapped and helpless, just like a dog scratching at the front door waiting for someone to let us out. 


    Boredom has captured and is currently torching us. One of the worst torchers we are facing is, finally seeing what we had, only after it's been shut down temporarily.  We took our favorite spots for granted. We just want to go shopping and spend money on things we only want and definitely don’t need. Or sit and chat with our crush at a Starbucks. We can only take so much, but we are slowly learning how to make do with our new normal lifestyle. Personally, I’ve been grocery shopping for people for a fee. It’s been relieving some of my stress since I’m finally able to blast music in my car with the windows down and have a purpose to leave my house, meanwhile making a little cash. 


Right now it isn’t, what am I going to do today? It's now more specific and repetitive, what movie or tv series haven’t I got to yet? What homework will I get done today? Or even, what if I don’t get showered and changed and just stay in the pajamas I've been in since last Wednesday? The day of the week suddenly becomes unknown and unimportant. No need to show up to my appointments, they've been pushed another month out. No need to show up for my work shift, since it doesn't exist anymore. What a world we live in that 20-year-olds are now applying and receiving unemployment. 


We’ve been trying to keep our chins up though. We know that our friends and family are only a 5th desperate facetime call away. We are forcing our introvert, quarantined companions to drink, play games, and have a dance party with us. We have been staying on top of our online classes and are putting more effort into the homework since there aren’t any fun, people packed plans that are keeping us from our school responsibilities. Today I accomplished making a breakfast in bed spread, got a 90% on my Business Marketing exam, and called two of my best friends to catch up.


 But don’t compare yourself to anyone else during this time, some days are worse or better than others. All of us, extroverts or introverts, are working on staying a float during this global pandemic. It’s a dark, scary, frustrating time for everyone in all different types of ways. We need to stay connected, lend a helping hand, and encourage each other during these difficult and strange times. Remember that you are not alone and there is a light at the end of this earth-sized tunnel.