Foods to Help Your Cram Session

We all know that when the first snow falls, just around the corner is the worst week in history. I don’t think I was ever prepared for this week, I had heard the horror stories and I didn’t believe it. I mean, this is when you either make or break your class, whether you actually did retain any of the knowledge or not. Now I don’t know about you, but when I get stressed I turn to food. So I am going to show you foods to stress binge on- some are healthy, and some are not healthy, so binge at your own risk.


The first binging snack is anything salty, and you can of course make this healthy. I love eating popcorn while I am working on homework. It’s the ease of just popping it in your mouth while you study, and it is an addicting snack. I really love Angie’s popcorn. I just found the microwave version of it, and that has been a big crave. Now, of course you can go for Doritos, or pretzels or even some chex mix. I think having something easy to just to pop in your mouth while you are reviewing your notes is helpful and keeps your mind focused, rather than eating something big and messy like a pizza.

Of course I couldn’t leave out sweets, that is what makes or breaks a good study session. If I do not have a pack of sour patch kids to dump into my popcorn is it really finals prep? I know that this has not been scientifically proven and I am not a scientist, but when I am stressed out, chocolate helps me calm down. And let’s face it, we all need to treat ourselves with a chocolate bar every once in a while.

Now whatever you wanna snack on, whether it be healthy or not so healthy, remember to take care of yourself. If you get too stressed, go for a walk, watch an episode of your favorite show and most importantly, know that you got this! You could even call your friends so you can pig out on snacks and just take the stress out of the final. So pig out! You have worked all year for this week and it will be great.