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If you are a thrifter like me, you know the local spots in your area. However, once you ransack the places a few times you need to look somewhere else to get some inspiration. Minneapolis is a quick zip from Mankato and offers a plethora of options when it comes to second-hand items. After a few quick trips, I have already gotten my favorite spots around town. 

First, on the list is Unique. Although it’s not directly in the heart of Minneapolis it is on the outskirts of town, in Burnsville. Their store is huge! It has a huge variety of clothes, shoes, home decor, and even furniture. Their items are reasonably priced. I have gotten two dresses from there that have been almost brand new for around $10 each. I also got some decor knick-knacks there as well. 

Next, you can’t go wrong with Goodwill. In every well-populated town, there will more than likely be a Goodwill for shopping. They always have a great selection at each location and are usually inexpensive. I also appreciate how organized each store is. They have a great layout so you know what you are expecting when you walk in. 

Finally, the best for last. Hunt & Gather. If there was a store made with everything that you love all in one location, it would be Hunt & Gather for me. They have antique statues, plants, vintage clothes, jewelry, art decor and so much more. There is no amount of time that I could spend there that would be enough. The place is jam-packed full of items for sale so in order to look at everything, you have to be there all day. The pricing is more expensive than a thrift store would be but you are paying for a good quality piece. I bought a bust, velvet-covered painting, and a monstera cutting. 

Overall, these are just a few of the stores that are hidden within the city. I am eager to continue searching and shopping in Minneapolis; however, my wallet disagrees. If I find any new stores, I will gladly write about them in another article. That will give me a reason to shop again, research. If you have any stores that you love, let me know!

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