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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

Many girls wait in taut anticipation for the temperatures to drop enough so that they can pull out their sorely missed flannels and fashionable hiking boots. To compliment fall fashion, here are some activities to keep you busy and just as colorful as the leaves around you. You might even end up spicier than your latte.

1. Make a pumpkin spice latte pizza, because apparently that’s a thing now?

2. Go Halloween costume shopping, because if you don’t know what you’re going to be, you’re already behind.

3. Burn leaves in a fire pit and have a bon fire while roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories

4. Change the color of your hair because just like the leaves, people need to change.

5. Scavenge Ulta for the latest Fall eye shadow and lip stain to get that luminous glow.

6. Go for a hike through the fall colors and enjoy the weather because before you know it you’ll be defrosting your windows in the bitter cold.

7. Drink with your family and play apples to apples because it’s priceless to see your parents act like children

8. Watch old episodes of Gossip Girl so you can experience Autumn in New York

9. Tailgate for a football game, because there is nothing like comfy jeans and an oversized sweatshirt.

10.  Turn on John Mayer, light candles, and take a bubble bath.

11.  Make Caramel apples, because face it you know you’re basic

12.  Get a Fall themed worthy profile picture

13.  Take a hayride with family members because quality time spent is worth more than anything else.

14.  Spook yourself with a haunted house.

15.  Volunteer at a local food pantry, because it is the season of appreciation and selflessness.

16.  Take your dog for a walk while hoping to meet a cute guy with a cute dog so they can have puppy dates

17.  Use a pumpkin spice condom with your hook up from back home

18.  Write a letter to someone special to you and share why you are thankful for them

19.  Slingshot a pumpkin because it’s fun to wreck shit

20. Create a business idea inspired by the fall season, who knows you could be the next Mark Cuban?