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              As students who attend college in Minnesota, we are all too knowing of how winters tend to be in the state. Long, boring, cold, and snowy are some words I would use to describe them. As terrible as it sounds, I have always been a huge fan of winter, the snow, the cold and all the fun activities winter brings. When I was younger in school and someone would ask the typical question, “What’s your favorite season?” I would be the first to say, “Winter!” when most other people would choose summer or maybe fall or spring. Sometimes I believe that it is all in the mindset. If you believe there is nothing fun to do or that it is too cold to do anything, think harder. There can be lots of fun activities to do to stay busy and enjoy Minnesota winter.

              Some inexpensive ideas for winter activities include both those that take place indoors for those who do not like the cold and those outdoors for people like myself that love the weather. If you would rather stay inside consider making a craft, doing a puzzle, or reading a book. Do a workout indoors, decorate your living space for the holidays or order in your favorite takeout food. Those are all great indoor ideas, especially when days come where the wind chill is -40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you would rather take advantage of the cooler weather, consider going for a hike at a local park, go snowshoeing along a trail or even sledding down a nearby hill when a snowstorm comes around. If you have a bit more money to spend, going skiing, snowboarding, or tubing is always fun at a local ski hill. Grab some friends and make it a day’s adventure by going down the different runs and grabbing a snack from the ski chalet when you get tired and hungry.

              Like I said before, mindset is another important aspect of embracing all winter has to offer in a state such as Minnesota where it is a long season. Remaining positive and optimistic about all that can come from a long, cold season is essential in keeping spirits lifted among both you and your friends. If one person is negative, that attitude will lead to others feeling that same way. With winter coming around, I challenge you to embrace the Minnesota winter and make the most of it by going on adventures and doing fun activities in your free time.

Mallory is a sophomore pre-nursing student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, staying active and drinking excessive amounts of coffee.
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