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Dote: The Perfect App for Your Inner Shopaholic

I have never really been into online shopping, until recently. I discovered the Dote app via Instagram about two weeks ago. Dote is a free app that allows users to shop from some of the most popular stores for women today, including Forever 21, Sephora, Brandy Melville, Victoria’s Secret, Zara, and so many more. In addition to shopping, Dote users are able to watch YouTube try on hauls, (videos showing YouTubers trying on the different items they ordered online), shop from Dote’s Instagram page, win free coupons at random, and much more.

Because of the plethora of stores available to shop, Dote allows you to “favorite” items you like by simply clicking the heart next to the photo of the article of clothing. All your favorites are saved on your profile page.

Dote users get free shipping on their first order, which is another amazing bonus! Users can also use their payment information during checkout for their finds from multiple stores with one transaction. I’ve noticed a lot of the online stores through Dote offer promotions that aren’t available in store, another amazing feature!

Enjoy, my fellow shopaholics!


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