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Derrick Rose Drops Fifty On The Utah Jazz

Derrick Rose has been passed around from team to team within the last year. He was traded from the Jazz to the Cavaliers. Then the Cavaliers traded him to the Timberwolves early this year. Rose was the 2011 MVP and against the Utah Jazz on October 31st, he showed us why he won that award. Rose never gave up on the game, instead he kept pushing himself and his teammates.

Derrick Rose had 34 points in the second half, 15 of those being in the fourth quarter with a stunning ending. Rose made a basket down low in the post area to put the Timberwolves up. Then he was fouled and made this free throws to put the Timberwolves up three points above the Jazz.

With Jimmy Butler being on the bench during the game because of an injury, Rose really stood out as a huge leader. He provided the team with the much needed leadership that they were looking for. I can only hope that Derrick Rose continues to push himself and his teammates for the rest of the season.



During Roses’ post game interview, the fans were chanting, “MVP! MVP! MVP!”

“I worked my ass off,” he said in a postgame interview. “I did this for the franchise, the fans, the organization.”

Derrick was asked what the 50-point game meant to him, Rose, wiping away tears, said, “Everything.”


“I’m doing everything just to win, and tonight was a hell of a night.”


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