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Crocs, a Great Investment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.


Crocs are very controversial, either you love them or you could say that they were the most hideous things that you have ever seen. For me they are the easiest thing to thrown on when you are just looking to go somewhere in a hurry. Honestly I think that Crocs are the best thing that has been invented. Not only are there amazing for just a quick trip to the grocery store, they are also incredible for when you want to go on a hike. Just put those things in adventure mode and you are off. 

   Now some of you may be thinking that you would never be caught dead in them but let’s look at all the color options to match them with your outfits for that day or for you VSCO girls out there, your HydroFlask. There are so many fun colors that can brighten up your mood. I am all for Birkenstocks but have you ever seen tie dye Birks? Now with Crocs it’s like you can put a little bit of your personality in your crocs, you can stand out while being comfortable. 


    Crocs are comfortable for the college student or simply the girl on the go. I am not saying that your workplace environment has fully accepted Crocs, but you can definitely slide those on after a long day of wearing your uncomfortable shoes. Crocs will always be there. 

    So whether you want to wear them as comfort wear, or whether you are going to wear them as your adventure shoes they are a great investment. They are comfy and I feel like everyone should do themselves a favor and go buy themselves a pair.



I am senior at MNSU and am studying to get a degree in Marketing with a minor in Mass Media. I love cooking, being around friends and family, going on little adventures, and just having fun.