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Basic Witches Bootcamp: Starter Crystals

Basic Witches Bootcamp: Starter Crystals

We’ve officially reached spooky season and to one basic witch to another, we are taking a
glimpse into the world of crystals. Crystals are tools used to manifest, heal, reset energies, and
are honestly too beautiful to not have at all times. I currently have two crystals in my waitress
apron, citrine for success and wealth and a rose quartz for self love. This article will be a guide
to help you know what crystals are best to start out with, what each individually does, and how to take care of them.

First crystal: Clear quartz
Clear quartz is pure and is known as the master healer. It amplifies positive and creative
energy. Provides clarity of the mind. It helps us clear mental blocks and keeps us focused. Best
to use when seeking clarity. It can also be used to cleanse other crystals, we will touch on this
later in the article.

Next crystal: Amethyst
Amethyst is very protective and is know to bring us peace, stability, and calmness. It can
also be used to heal physical pain such as headaches. It’s natural vibration helps to bring
tranquility. Clams the mind and spirit. Amethyst can protect us from insomnia and nightmares.

Third crystal: Rose quartz
Rose quartz is the “love” stone. It opens the heart to all types of love. It brings love to
yourself, others, and any situation that needs love. It is also believed to attract love. It can cure
pains of the heart such as heartbreak or anger. Known to help with self-esteem, restore
confidence, and balance emotions.
This is personally my favorite crystal and it has helped me with my body image and self
love. Long story short, I was carrying this crystal around for about four months and one day I
was changing into my work uniform in front of my mirror and suddenly decided I shouldn’t use
self hate language anymore. It really opened my eyes to how hard I have been to myself for
years and it took a huge weight off my shoulders. Since this has been something I’ve dealt with
since I was a preteen, the mental damage I did isn’t completely fixed. However, I believe that
the manifestation of a healthy body image and wanting to love myself and using this crystal as a
tool made it happen.

Next crystal: Lapis lazuli
Lapis lazuli is known for unveiling deep inner truths, helps us be our most authentic
selves, and encourages self-expression in any situation. It invites you to speak and live your
truth. It is a great tool for bonding relationships, since this crystal is fighting against your
self-doubt and you aren’t afraid to be your absolute true self.
I have used this when I knew I was going to hang out with a specific person or enter a
situation where I often silence myself, but I have come out of that scenario feeling that I have
said everything I needed and wanted to say. I didn’t spend the next few hours coming up with
good responses I should’ve said, I have already said them. It’s a great feeling knowing you can
be your true self and stand up for your beliefs without letting self-doubt get in your way with a
little lapis lazuli on your side.

Fifth crystal: Black obsidian
Black obsidian is known for its grounding properties, making us feel safe. As it grounds
us we can see and think more clearly. Black obsidian lets us see unbias truths and keeps us
more practical, it is useful for those who instantly react with their emotions. It keeps us protected
from negative energy and emotions by drawing the negativity into itself.

Last crystal: Citrine
Citrine is the stone of manifestation. It is a gemstone of light, happiness, and thought.
This crystal helps us envision our goals and pursuing them. It is the best stone to use when
manifesting anything. It is specifically great for manifesting success and wealth. That is exactly
why I carry this in my waitress apron while I work.

Now that we have some knowledge of some starter crystals, what’s next? The cleansing
and charging of them. This is necessary to keep them healing and working for you. Kinda a give
and take scenario. Crystals pick up energy from everything and everyone who touches them.
When you receive or buy a new crystal make sure you cleanse them before you try to use their
properties or set an intention for them. Also, if you have been carrying and using your crystal for
a while it needs to be recharged. Here are four ways to cleanse and charge your crystal so that
the only energy the crystal absorbs is yours and it can keep giving you its full effects.

  1. Use running water – Hold your crystal under running water is a very effective cleaning method. As you do so, ask the universe to remove all of its negativity.
  2. Use sea salt – Leave the stone in a bath of water and sea salt overnight. This will get rid of any unwanted energy.
  3. Use other crystals – Crystals that are known for purification such as clear quartz are able to actually cleanse other crystals. Stack the purifying crystals all around the one that needs clearing.
  4. Place them underneath the full moon – This is one of my favorite and easiest methods to recharge crystals. On the full moon, research when the next one will be, and place any crystals you would like to cleanse on your windowsill to soak up the moon’s cleansing energy.

Alrighty you basic witches, we have covered all you need to know about starter crystals,
their usage, and how to upkeep your crystal collection. I hope you found this helpful and are
encouraged to see for yourself the magic crystals can do for us.

I’m a Senior, Mass Media Major, and a writer with a caffeine addiction!!
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