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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

Basic Witch Bootcamp, class is in session! This lesson is about magical moon water. I’ll be sharing my knowledge of what moon water is, how you can make it, and all its benefits. I made my first two batches of moon water these past full moons last November and December. I gave it the intention of restoring my high self-esteem, body image, and confidence. Here is how you can make your own batch of moon water and set an intention to it. 

Firstly, all witches can agree that the moon is powerful and has an energy we can absorb or use for our benefit. An easy way to absorb this energy is making then drinking your moon water. If you are a plant mom, you can use it to water your plants. I will dive into more benefits later in this article. Basically, moon water is water that has been charged by the moon. Here are the steps to create your batch of moon water.

Step one, research when the next full moon will be. According to when this article is posted the next full moon will occur on January 28th. Lunar energy is the most potent during a full moon. My understanding is that we can only make moon water during full moons. Optional: find out what zodiac sign the moon is in, because it can affect the energy of the water. For my first batch, the moon was in the sign of Gemini. This meant for me that my water could improve my conversations and communication skills. 

Step two, when this night comes you will take any sort of glass container with a lid. I recommend a mason jar. Then fill the glass container with water. It can be either tap or filtered water, whichever you prefer. Screw on the lid tight. 

Step three, go outside and take a moment to set an intention to your water. Some examples of an intention are: I am regaining my high confidence, or I radiate love and others reflect love back to me. Say this outloud while holding your container. This step is completely optional however I know we all have goals we are trying to achieve or we want to make sure our moon water is filled with only positivity for the rest of 2020. 

Step four, leave this container outside overnight under the moonlight if possible. Do not be discouraged if you can not see the moon, the water will still get charged. Then BAM! The next morning you have yourself water charged by the moon and potent energy that can help you achieve your intention. 

Okay, you’ve just made your moon water. How can you use your magic moon water? Here are some options: 

  1. Drink up!  You can drink it as is or make your morning tea with it. The moon’s energy will absorb into your body.

  2. Use it to cleanse your crystals of negative energy or if they need a recharge. 

  3. Water your plants with it.

  4. Create a room spray. Add essential oils and the moon water in a spray bottle. 

  5. Dip your paint brushes in it while you paint. If your art comes from makeup, clean your makeup brushes with it. 

  6. Add it to a ritual bath. 

  7. Use it as the water in your essential oil diffuser. 

  8. Clean your home with it. You can add it to any sort of cleaning solution.

    Okay basic witches, that concluded this session of Basic Witch Bootcamp. When the next full moon comes, I’m excited to know you have the knowledge to make your own batch of moon water.  I hope even through this pandemic we can all keep practicing and enhance our skills, see our intentions come into our lives, and only have positive energy surrounding us. 


I’m a Senior, Mass Media Major, and a writer with a caffeine addiction!!