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The Bachelor Finale: JoJo or Lauren?

If you are a fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, you’ve seen this season. The 20th season starred Ben Higgins, the sweet hometown Bachelor from Warsaw, Indiana.

This season he wasn’t the bad guy. He wasn’t a rebel, a wild card, nothing. He was the man we all hope to end up with. He held up his end of the bargain, never comprising his values and beliefs. He liked the right girls, the sweet and genuine women, at least toward the end (no more Olivia’s).

He was America’s sweetheart. We rooted for him to find true love.

In the beginning of the finale episode, it seemed that Joelle Fletcher was the clear choice, while Lauren Bushnell seemed to be the favorite all season.

As we got through their finale dates and Joelle seemed to have the upper hand… until we got to the actual finale, that is. What was Ben going to do? Which amazing woman was he to choose? Joelle appeared first out of the helicopter; some of us still had hope while others knew it was the end. It was the end for Joelle, who remained a class act during the entire event. She was even quoted saying, “I was getting my heart broken and I still didn’t want to see him cry.” *Aww*

Then Lauren came out. Ben seemed to smile a little brighter, and we knew.

Tonight, on the Finale, he finally found it; Ben found love. And who can be mad? He had two incredible women, his now fiancé Lauren Bushnell, and the next Bachelorette Joelle Fletcher. Lauren and Ben seem to be doing amazing, while Joelle Fletcher is America’s next Bachelorette! (YES!)

This season turned out so exceedingly well for Bachelor fans. Congratulations Lauren and Ben. As well as best of luck Joelle! We can’t wait to see you find happiness as well.


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