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6 Valentines You Can Have Instead Of A Guy

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be one of the most loving days of the year. Romantic dinner snapchats and engagement posts on Facebook are just a few of the things you’ll have to see when the day comes along. Since the days of having everyone in your class be your Valentine are long gone, it’s time to get more creative with your Valentine; either because you’re sick of being Valentine-less, or it’s an off year. If you feel like a Valentine’s Day Scrooge whenever the day comes around I’ve compiled a list of suitable bachelors to make your V-Day great.

1. A bottle of Moscato

Because sweet wine is the best wine and moscato eventually will just taste like some awesome juice going down. However, don’t limit yourself to just one flavor, red, pink, other whites, and sparkling. The decision is yours.

2. Your favorite furry friend.

The one thing you can actually lock in your room to make them stay with you and not have it be creepy. Even if it takes awhile your furry little guy (or gal) will be curled up next to you giving more love than anyone else could this V-day.

3. Food.

One of the best “F” words around and something that can satisfy more often than not. Why else would they make food heart shaped and make everything pink? Because you’re supposed to buy it and eat it, that’s why. Or just have food delivered that way you don’t have to take your sweatpants off or limit your wine consumption.

4. Your BFF.

If you’re supposed to spend Valentine’s Day with someone you love, then why not spend it with one of the people you love the most. Grab your bestie and go to a restaurant, get some drinks, and pray that there’s a cute waiter you can flirt with, just make sure you tip them well. If you don’t have a cute waiter, still tip them nicely cause there’s a good chance they wish they were somewhere else.

5. Your credit card.

Who cares if you don’t have any money? Treat yourself. If other people are spoiled on Valentine’s Day, why can’t you be? Go buy a new pair of cute shoes or a sweater or whatever your heart desires to get to make the day as good as it can get.

6. Netflix.

Who else would you rather Netflix and chill with than Netflix?  Binge on your favorite show or watch 5 movies without feeling guilty. Especially since they’ve added a bunch of new shows and movies last month and this month!

I'm a junior at MNSU studying International Business and a minor in Marketing and Computer Science! I'm from St. Francis, MN which is north of the Twin Cities by about an hour. In my free time I like spending the money I don't have on concert tickets and food. A fun fact is I studied abroad in London and I joined Her Campus because I was super excited about it coming to MNSU and definately wanted to get involved!
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