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5 Ways to Slay Vampy Lips This Winter

Every makeup lover knows that when the seasons change, makeup looks change too. Barbie pink and bright nude lipsticks are perfect for the summer and spring, but when winter and fall rolls around, it’s time to rotate lipstick colors.

 In the winter and fall, vampy lips are in. Vampy lip colors range from rich plum purples, deep reds, wine purples to even dark berry colors. These shades are deep, sexy and sultry (kind of like a VAMPire, and the rich red blood they crave). Not to mention, a vampy lip can add pizazz to your every day wintery look.

Any and everyone can rock a vampy lip, and with these five tips you’ll be able to slay while rocking the new trend this winter.

EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE. Before anything, you need to exfoliate your lips. Using an exfoliator will remove all of the dead skin from your lips. Thus, leaving a flawless canvas for your lipstick. When using vampy lip colors, it is important to exfoliate because the dry skin on your lips shows more underneath darker lipsticks. If you don’t have an actual “lip exfoliator,” don’t worry; use an old tooth brush and soap to scrub the dead skin off your lips. After exfoliating, put on some lip balm to moisturize your lips and continue on with your makeup routine.

FIND THE RIGHT SHADE. In order to slay a vampy lip, you must find the perfect color. Finding the perfect shade is tricky, but it can be a lot easier if you pick your shade based on your outfit and skin tone. The shade you choose should compliment your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a burgundy top, then you should choose a deep burgundy lipstick or a wine colored lipstick. Whatever you decide to wear, your lipstick color shouldn’t take away from your outfit or be distracting. When picking a vampy lip color, it should blend in with your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, wearing a red that’s too dark (so dark that it’s almost black) would be way too harsh and would wash you out. Instead, you would reach for a deep wine or maroon lipstick. Remember, if the color washes you out, then stay away from it.

ADD LASHES. One thing that can really make a vampy lip pop is adding fake lashes (if lashes aren’t your thing, layer on that mascara). Not only will fake lashes make your eyes stand out, but they will really bring to life that “sexy, dark and sultry” look you’re going for. Big lashes and bold lips go together like bread and butter. Also, don’t forget to use eyeliner. Create a winged look to really make those lips pop or smudge out the liner to get a smokey look.

PERFECT YOUR POUT WITH CONCEALER. This is the most important step. Not only does tracing around your lips with concealer make your lips pop, but it also creates a clean overall appearance. Using concealer around the rim of your lips simply cleans up any smudges and perfects the lipstick application by making it even. Think of concealer as an eraser; it erases your mistakes.  After you’ve applied your lip color, let the lipstick dry. It’s important to use a concealer that matches your skin tone. If the concealer doesn’t match, then a ring of concealer will be visible around your mouth. You can use a regular concealer brush or any small stiff brush. Now, that you’ve chosen a brush and the lipstick has dried, it’s time to clean up those smudges.  Dip the brush into the concealer and trace your lips to clean up those smudges (keep in mind, the rim of your mouth goes past where you’ve apply lip liner). In order for this look to transition smoothly, use a beauty blender or foundation brush to blend out the concealer. Remember, blend until your hands are tired! No one should be able to see where the concealer and foundation separate.

HIGHLIGHT & CUPID’S BOW. If you really want to make a statement, then adding highlight to your cupid’s bow is a must. When you add highlight to the top of your lip, it makes the vampy color pop out even more. You should always reach for a gold highlighter or any highlighter with a warm undertone because most of the vampy lip colors have warm undertones. 

I am a Senior at MNSU majoring in Mass Media (PR) and minoring in Marketing.  I love to blog about beauty and fashion.  I joined Her Campus because I wanted to join a group on campus that empowers women.   
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