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5 Group Halloween Costumes for Your Gang


It’s the year for you and your friends to go as a group. Why go alone when you can go with your best friends? Here are some creative ideas for you and your girls!

You and the girls can be a deck of cards. It doesn’t matter how many of your friends want to join, there’s enough costumes for 52 of you.

Cruella De Vil and the dalmations. You can all be different puppies in your own creative way and follow Cruella De Vil around all night.

Seriously, how cute to be starbucks cups! Even cutter if you and your friends are different heights.

Disney Princesses! So so cute, and you can all pick who best resembles which princes!

If you are going down town, you and your two girls could be salt, lime and tequila. Never know, maybe you will get some free shots.

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