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3 Reasons to Join Her Campus MNSU


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With just over one month left of school, summer break is in sight! The best way to prepare for next semester and the rest of your college career is to join an organization committed to building up and empowering women.

Her Campus MNSU is an online magazine written by women, for women. Articles include current events, blog-style, reviews, “How-tos,” profiles, essays, etc. Writing experience isn’t necessary! Our editor will walk you through writing and publishing articles.

Joining Her Campus will set you up for life in the following ways.



1. Expanding Your Resume and Portfolio

Every employer expects that you will have a degree and your experience in Her Campus will add the extra “oomph” your resume needs to stand out from the others. Having published work is HUGE when demonstrating that you have experience writing for an audience.

Not a writer? Her Campus offers positions in areas of marketing, event planning, social media, diversity, and recruitment, etc. If you join a team you are more than welcome to write articles as well!



2. Community Involvement

Volunteering and community engagement is another resume building plus to joining. In the past we have participated in Feed My Starving Children, Rake the Town, Dance Marathon and much more. This semester we will be walking dogs at the Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society (BENCHS).



3. Networking and Building Relationships

With the heavy workload and competition that comes along with being a college student getting ready to go into the workforce, it can feel amazing to be surrounded by other driven women who share common goals of breaking the glass ceiling.

Hear from women in positions of power with advice on success. Learn about intersectionality and how every woman experiences life differently based on factors race, sexuality, ability or class.

At Her Campus, we are focused on women empowering other women. We are aware that women often have to overcome extra obstacles in life and because of this we want to help build each other up to ensure success.

If this is something you are interested in being apart of apply here!


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