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10 Times Phoebe Buffay was Relatable as Heck


  1. When she didn’t want to go out:

  1. When she was completely selfless in helping the less fortunate:


  1. When she only had two wishes:

  1. When she was as brutally honest as we all wish we could be:

  1. Her reaction when things get really overwhelming:

  1. When she had to try to keep her cool:

  1. When she had her priorities straight:

  1. When someone said she had a “great name” and her response was smooth as butter:

  1. When she wasn’t even a little bit ready:

We get it girl, functioning as a contributing member of society is hard.

  1. She was just a hungry gal:


Lisa Kudrow is an absolute gem. Her endearing character in the iconic show Friends is only a few crazy steps shy of our spirit animal. Her personality and hilarious blonde, odd and childlike remarks are enough to keep me shamelessly rewatching the show until they come up with something better.

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