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10 Reasons Why Your Mom is the Best Friend You’ve Always Had

Never in a million years did I think I would use the word mom and best friend in the same sentence. However, once your crazy, hormonal teen years pass and you’re away in college, a huge discovery is made: your mom was right about everything (from fake friends to loser boyfriends). What’s even more surprising, is that she’s always been there for you even when you were to caught up to see it. After two decades of hearing her say, “I only want the best for you” and ignoring her advice, you’ve come to your senses and understand the methods to her madness. Weird right? It’s almost like she’s been your best friend from day one. Well, that’s because she has and here’s why:

1. She’s always had your back (still does). No matter how tough or weird the situation was, she was always right there to save the day. Even if it involved cleaning up a mess she didn’t make.

2. Kept it real with you. Your mom never (even to this day) would let you walk out the house with foundation two shades lighter or food on your face. She wouldn’t want you out here looking a hot mess.

3. She has stuck with you through all your phases. Emo stage? Check. Barbie stage? Check. High school musical stage? Sadly, check (Not to mention, she funded them).      

4. Motivates you like no other to do your best. Even if it’s a text that says,” Get shit done today” or “Do your best, mom loves you.” 

5. She’s never been a hater. Plain and simple, she’s here to see you win. 

6. She knows everything about you and still hasn’t disowned you.

7. Whenever there’s good news to share, she’s the first person you call. Let’s be real, there’s nothing better than hearing your mom scream in excitement about your news.

8. When you need someone to do something with she’s down to have fun. Workout buddy? Check. Shopping buddy? Check. Nail Buddy? Check.   

9. She listens to all your problems and answers all your questions (no matter how stupid they are).

10. Lastly, she loves you unconditionally and would go through hell and high water just to see you smile.

Yes, it may have taken you along time to figure out she’s the best friend you’ve always had. But hey, now that you know, take your bestie out for some drinks and a mani-pedi for some well-deserved girl time. 

I am a Senior at MNSU majoring in Mass Media (PR) and minoring in Marketing.  I love to blog about beauty and fashion.  I joined Her Campus because I wanted to join a group on campus that empowers women.   
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