10 Iconic Bob’s Burgers Gifs You Need in Your Life

The beginning of Fall semester can be a bit stressful. Whenever I find myself overwhelmed with lots of school work, I like to watch some of my favorite shows. One of my favorite shows is Bob’s Burgers. So here’s some of my favorite quotes and moments to get you through the week!


  1. A wonderful phrase to use when up against an opponent. 

  1. Wrestling is one sport men seem to favor much more than women.

  1. A quote that many college students can relate to.

  1. When you get fed up and sass back at your mom.

  1. Same Linda, same.

  1. A good reminder during hard times.

  1. How would people even talk to each other without sarcasm?

  1. Oh Tina, you’re iconic. Always.

  1. If you have to ask, the answer is probably no.


  1.  Freshman year be like:

Have a good week!! You got this!!