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Zakkiyya Taylor

Name:  Zakkiyya Taylor

What do you love about MMC? I love the community feeling of the school. I have always been a fan of smaller schools because it allows for members of the community to really get to know one another, work together closely and really build bonds.

Best memory at MMC: When I started at Marymount I was in residence life. One day one of the RAs came in for their scheduled meeting with their RD. He saw me at my desk and broke into this elaborate dance and when he was done pointed at me and said “that was for you!” For me, that completely summed up the energy of MMC.

Advice for Students: Balance. I feel that balance is the key to getting the most out of your college experience. Students should try to balance the various roles that they are taking on. There is time to study and time to have fun. Time to work hard and time to sleep late. I think that what burns students out the most is focusing all of their energy into studying and classwork or focusing all of their energy on activities and partying.


Movie:  It’s so hard for me to narrow anything down to one choice! I am a sucker for action movies. Anything with fast cars, fighting, chase scenes and stuff blowing up is my go to.

TV Show:  I’m all about Shonda Thursdays: Grey’s and Scandal are a must.

Play:  Lion King is probably my favorite.

Song:  Right now my fav is “Fight Song”, unless I’m in a bad mood and then I pull out the Disney Station

Snack:  Carrots and Peanut butter!

Game:  Phase 10 for cards and trouble for board games

Pick One!

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?  Ice cream: preferably coffee with chocolate syrup.

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?  Starbucks Caramel Frap

Stay up late or wake up early?  Both

Yankees or Mets?  Not really a sports fan

Concerts or Broadway Shows?  Broadway shows

Union Square Park or Washington Square Park?  I actually do not know either of these parks. I’m from Jersey and grew up visiting the Great Falls which was literally the backyard of my school and now it’s a National Park and access is very restricted.

Walk or Subway?  Subway

Gossip Girl or Sex & The City? Absolutely Sex & the City!

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