Youtube Stars Ellie And Bonnie Clothing Brand Launch

Ellie, of Ellie and Jared, and her sister, Bonnie, of Bonnie Hoellein, have announced their latest entrepreneurship endeavor. These sisters are known for their daily vlog family channels which are filled with an overwhelming amount of love, kindness, positivity, adorable toddlers, and so much more endorphin releasing characteristics. Don’t let that fool you… These sisters also know how to get real on pregnancy issues, marital problems, and more.

The launch of Bollie has been marketed as a brand to fit a wide range of body types, and yet it only offers sizes XS-XL which feels pretty standard. So far, the majority of the released products are small accessories like pop-sockets and phone cases. I hate to say it, but I believe this site launched too soon having only three items in their line (a bathrobe, wrap dress, and workout set).

It’s no secret that these women (and their kids) *love* bath bombs. Their husbands, Jared and Joel, know just how to treat their wives right. Sometimes for no reason at all, these men endure the foreign land that is Lush. That said, it would be a dream to see this brand grow through product line and brand extensions. Imagine a Bonnie necklace or Ellie lipstick! The site would absolutely sell out.