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I cannot believe that it has been over a year since I lived in NYC. I left the city as a freshman and I am returning as a junior. That’s absolutely crazy. But finally, after over a year, it’s only 3 months until I move back to my favorite place!! Not only that but I am getting an apartment with my bestie Averee! There are so many things I am personally looking forward to. Even though I am going to see Averee before we get back to NYC cause I am visiting her in California, I am still extremely excited to see her in the city when we move into our place! It will all feel so much more real.


 Over the year, I have concocted a list of places that I am making my mission to go to and make the absolute most of my last two years of college living there. I mean hopefully, I will still be in NYC after college because I’d love to stay, but it all depends on where my career takes me. On my list are new activities, places, restaurants, and so much more. The best thing about NYC is that there will never be a shortage of any of these things. With going out and doing all of these things, I will be so happy to have my independence back again! 


Living with my family for the past year again has been quite crazy and I know everyone else in this kind of situation is ready to get out of it soon. Only 3 more months for me, thank god! In-person classes will be resuming again, and out of my five classes, three are on-campus!! I absolutely cannot wait to get back to MMC and in-person learning. I will feel so much safer now that I am fully vaccinated. The last big thing that I am actually really looking forward to is getting out into the dating world. I broke up with my high school boyfriend in October last year, so I haven’t ever been in the “real world dating game” before. The excitement of flirting and the rush of going on a date, I want to feel that and I can’t wait to get into it. This upcoming semester will open up so many doors for me once again after this year-long stall, and I am so ready to get back out there and experience the excitement of everything once again. 

Double Major in Digital Journalism & Cinema, Television & Emerging Media with a Minor in International Studies NYC I'm always asked where I'm from and my answer should just become "all over the place" because I have moved so many times.
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