What You Should Do For Valentine’s Day Based On What Type of Single College Girl You Are

Calling all the single ladies (*attempts Beyonce dance*)! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and no bae in sight, you’re probably dreading about sitting home alone watching chick flicks with a bottle of wine… actually make that two bottles. Truth is, that may sound like the perfect night to some gals for this famously beloved yet simultaneously hated holiday. Below is a list that details the perfect Valentine’s Day for every type single girl.

For the girl obsessed with soul cycle.

You.Work.So.Hard. Relaaax. A face mask and bubble bath are totally calling your name. Oh, and don’t forget to order a pizza.


For the girl who cries at literally any commercial.

You’re definitely the sappy friend of the bunch. Tuesday will be an emotional one, so curl up with your fave book and the stuffed animal that you proudly place on your bed every morning.


For the girl who submits homework one minute before the class starts.

Being punctual is probably not at the top of resume, so it’s probably wise to not make any reservations on Tuesday. A night in with your girls, a huge bag of skinny pop, and a bottle of wine (...or two or three…) is just what you need.


For the girl whose bio says “I’m a vegan”.

Since your Elle Woods moment of eating chocolate and chucking it at the TV probably won’t be a part of your day, opt for a fun activity instead. Like sledding or having a snowball fight in Central Park. Also, change your bio.


For the girl who bought advanced tickets to Fifty Shades Darker.

Clearly you’re Valentine’s Day plans are already planned out. But… a cute brunch with your friends is the perfect way to get you ready for a naked Jamie Dornan.